Club Executive

Meet the team behind the scenes!  The club executive is elected each year at the AGM and serves for a two year term.  These members volunteer for a variety of roles including managing finances, organizing events, liaising with other clubs and organizing board.  Feel free to contact any of them with an email to  

Greg Christensen

Role: President & NCCP Trained Community Coach – Triathlon.  ITU Level 2 Technical Official (CTO)

Joined Club In: 2013

Events Completed:

  • Sprint: 15
  • Standard: 3
  • Half: 2
  • Full: 0
  • Other:  Half-Marathon – 2, 10 k’s – 25+

Favourite Event: Every race is different and has its own unique elements. I really enjoyed the Vancouver Triathlon in Stanley Park because it was my first open water swim. 

What’s on your Playlist: Random! I usually let Spotify choose most of the time. But most recently I was listening to Imagine Dragons.

Favourite Fuel: Infinit in my water bottles. It is easy to digest.

Best Tip for a New Club Member: You’ve already done the hard part and joined the club. Just jump into a group workout. Even if it scares the crap out of you 🙂 We’ve all been there and will help you through it at your pace.

Tri Goal for 2018: No specific race goals this year. Mostly focusing on fitness and working as a Technical Official at races.

Wendy Lyall

Role: Treasurer & NCCP Trained Community Coach – Triathlon

Joined Club In:  It’s been a while!  Maybe 2010 or 2011?

Events Completed:

  • Sprint: So many, I’ve lost track
  • Olympic:  2
  • Half:  Many
  • Full: 2
  • Other:  Running is my fave! So lots of running races including 3 Boston Qualified Marathons.  Also a few Fondo’s and Canada Day Open Water 2k and 4k swims.

Favourite Event:  My first triathlon in Spokane because it was such an accomplishment for me!  I also have lots of fond memories of the Oliver Half Marathon.  

What’s on your Playlist:  I run and bike without music!

Favourite Fuel:  Roctane

Best Tip for a New Club Member:  Don’t take it too seriously, have some fun!

Tri Goal for 2018:  To remain healthy! Whistler 70.3, BMO Half and Habitat for Humanity charity bike event.

Ashley Osborn

Role: Secretary & NCCP Trained Community Coach – Triathlon

Joined Club In: 2013

Events Completed:

  • Sprint: 4
  • Standard: 4
  • Half: 2
  • Full: 1
  • Other:  Fondo – 1, half marathons – 3, trail races and 10k’s, 5k’s

Favourite Event: My most memorable has to be Ironman because of the amazing atmosphere and definitely an experience I will never forget. The race where I had the most fun was the Vancouver Olympic course a few years back when it was on Marine Drive, such a fun course!

What’s on your Playlist: I create new playlists on a regular basis, always upbeat…. currently a few on my playlist are Feels by Calvin Harris, Thunder by Imagine Dragons and Live in the Moment by Portugal, The Man

Favourite Fuel: Roctane Salted Caramel and for Ironman it was Redbull and grapes

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Get out of your comfort zone and just have fun. No matter what distance race you choose to do, it’s a huge achievement!

Tri Goal for 2018: Complete a sprint triathlon in the fall and get some of my pre-pregnancy fitness back

Shawn Baturin

Role: Registrar

Joined Club In: 2014

Events Completed:

  • Sprint: 6
  • Standard: 1
  • Half: 5
  • Full: 1
  • Other: Half Marathons – 12, Marathons – 1

Favourite Event: I do not have a favourite.

What’s on your Playlist: Many! But to list a few Thunderstruck (AC/DC), You’re a Superstar (Love Inc), Enter Sandman (Metallica), Hero (Skillet), Relax – Take it Easy (Mika Bomb), Billie Jean (MJ), Unbreakable (Fireflight)

Favourite Fuel: All food 

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Enjoy the process and have fun!!!

Tri Goal for 2018: Finish a Half Ironman in 5:30hrs, Complete 90km bike in 2:30hrs, Beat Paul!  Run a half marathon under 1hr45

Shannon (Shaz) Kozak

Role: New Member

Joined Club In: 2017

Events Completed: I have limited experience competing at all as I’ve only done a handful of 10Ks and half marathons.  I’m relatively new to swimming and have hardly been on my bike since I was a kid.  I am one of the less experienced club members.  But what is awesome about PMC is how diverse the membership is and how willing everyone is to share their experience.

Favourite Event:  I’ve only attended as a spectator at Cultus Lake last year.  I loved the small atmosphere plus the lake swim looked great for a beginner.  I’ve signed up for it this year!  I loved the scenery at Ucluetet for the Edge to Edge Half.

What’s on your Playlist: It’s all about the beat for me … I’ve been listening to old school rap like Push It (Salt-N-Pepa) and Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer) because the beat is just right.  When I need a kick in the pants, a bit of AC/DC or Nine Inch Nails will do the trick.

Favourite Fuel: As a vegetarian, I am always on the lookout for protein … I’m a fiend for Quinoa dishes and if I need a quick pick me up … peanut butter is my go-to.

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Sign up for the Strava Page … I’ve become an addict looking at what everyone else is doing and trying to get on the leaderboard.  It’s a great motivator to get me off the couch and outside when I see the rest of the club running/swimming or biking every day!

Tri Goal for 2018: I’ll do the Cultus Standard next fall and probably a sprint in the spring to learn transitions.  I’m also keen for at least one half marathon this year and would love to do the Swim Across the Lake in Kelowna this summer.


Dave Loggie

Role: Pool scheduling

Joined Club in: 2016

Number of Tri’s completed:

  • Sprints: 6
  • Olympic: 5
  • Half: 1
  • Full distance:
  • Other: 

Favourite triathlon to complete and why: Muskoka because of the out and back lake swim and rolling hills through beautiful Muskoka Ontario. I have not raced since moving to BC so don’t have an experience here to draw from.  

Playlist: Everything and anything, depending on mood 

Favourite fuel: Anything plant-based and ideally in it’s original state (whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans/pulses)

Best Tip for a New Club Member: Make the effort to reach out to others for advice and leverage the executive members to help navigate. Come to pool swims, group rides or runs to meet others and come to the AGM.


Tri Goal for 2018: Become a stronger and faster roadie! I am not racing tri’s because running’s wear and tear on my knees.

Dennis Jangula

Role:  Tech support guy & NCCP Trained Community Coach – Triathlon

Joined Club in: 2010 (I think)

Number of Tri’s completed:

  • Sprints:  More than a couple
  • Olympic:  Many
  • Half: 1 half that I did as a relay, doing the swim and run leg
  • Full distance:
  • Other: 

Favourite triathlon to complete and why: Self Transcendence Tri (Victoria) – one of the most friendly tri’s with great pancakes afterwards.  Unfortunately it is no longer around.    

Playlist:  None – I like to listen to the sounds around me and take it all in.

Favourite fuel:  whatever is in reach of me

Best Tip for a New Club Member:  Have fun

Tri Goal for 2018:  Get back to my base routine after recovering from knee surgery