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Peninsula Multisport is a triathlon club for every athlete. 


From beginners interested in training for their first event to seasoned athletes looking for like-minded people to train, socialize and race with.


We offer programming for all distances - Sprints, Olympic, Half Ironman & Ironman. ALL levels of athletes are welcome.


Spring Cycling with Coach Jacob

When: Wednesday & Saturday starting April 4

Where: Meet in the parking lot in front of Subway at 192 Street and 28 Avenue

What to bring: Bike, Lights, Water, Spare tube / pump, Road ID

Cost: No individual cost for the first month or two. We will assess the interest and then determine a reasonable ongoing cost.

The first two sessions:

Wednesday April 4 from 6 to 8 PM

Wednesday will be an assessment ride, we will go through group ride safety and pace line. This is not meant to blow anyone off the back of the group.

Saturday April 7 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Jacob will make further assessments and if there is anything glaring that needs to be worked on it will be added in on this day along with perfecting our pace line drills. Stronger riders will take longer on the front and focus on maintaining the prescribed speed/power output for the day. Everyone will be focusing on body position, wind direction, pace and drafting.

All rides will start and end with a meeting if the weather permits, or we can end at a coffee shop!

Note: Time Trial (TT) bikes are permitted. However, there is to be no riding in aero position while in pace line or drafting.


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