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Peninsula Multisport is a triathlon club for every athlete. 


From beginners interested in training for their first event to seasoned athletes looking for like-minded people to train, socialize and race with.


We offer programming for all distances - Sprints, Olympic, Half Ironman & Ironman. ALL levels of athletes are welcome.



Latest Announcements


Spring 2016 Swim Session - April 3 - May 31, 2016

Race season has already started for some, with more races coming up!  Sign up now to prepare for your 2016 races and improve your swim with coach Gord Robertson. Sessions will begin Tuesday, April 3 at the new Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre.


Tuesdays Only - start time 6:00 am - 7:00 am: 9 swims for $76.50 (April 5 - May 31)

Sundays Only - start time 7:00 am - 8:15 am:  9 swims for $76.50 (April 3 - May 29)

Thursdays Only - start time 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm: 9 swims for $68.00 (April 7 - May 27)

Sunday & Tuesday: 18 swims for $153.00 

Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday: 26 swims for $221.00

Signup and pay using our online store - click here

Spring Outdoor Bike Clinic with Barb Morris - April 2, 2016

Let's take our indoor spins to the streets with an outdoor bike clinic hosted by Barb Morris of Performance Coaching on Saturday, April 2!

We'll start out at Wendy's house, be ready to ride at 9am, in Walnut Grove and do a tour of the Fraser Valley through the flats and hills of the Fort Langley/Glen Valley area. 

Cost will be $20 a person for the 2 hour clinic and then we'll have a chat afterwards, from Barb, about the mental training needed for racing. We're so lucky to have someone like her involved with the club, so take advantage of this opportunity! If you're unable to make the bike ride you're welcome to show up at 11:30am at Wendy's place for the social and chat, or vice versa! 


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